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"there are no shortcuts to any place worth going"

- Beverly Sills

"nothing good ever comes from worrying or sitting there feeling sorry for yourself... keep positive and keep pushing on and things will turn good"

- Conor McGregor

"the secret of getting ahead is getting started"

- Mark Twain

"you don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great"

- Zig Ziglar
 Helping Clients throughout Dublin

Achieve Fitness Goals

Whether its personal training for fat loss, strength training, reaching the highest level in professional sports, amateur sports performance or a life changing transformation, I can provide a tailor made programme that will help you achieve your goals.


Personal Training

Through a combination of nutritional guidance, education & hard work, my one-to-one personal training programmes will help you achieve the results you have always desired whilst greatly improving your health.


Customised Meal Plans

Easy to follow meal plans designed to suit your individual needs and goals. Each meal plan provides various options of food choices so that your nutrition can be exciting and thus more sustainable.


Customised Training Plans

Premium services offering fully customised training programmes that are tailored specifically to you while bearing in mind your goals, current lifestyle, schedule and any possible limitations.


Online Personal Training

My online personal training plans allow me to work with clients throughout the whole of Ireland and beyond. They include customised training programmes, meal plans, online check-in's and complete support.

Each of my services are driven by my burning passion for helping others to create lasting results and habits and I am certain one will be suited to your needs.

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About Life is Fitness

The Trainer

Hi, my name is Alan Brennan and I have been working in the industry for 7 years as a qualified personal trainer. I hold a national certification in strength and conditioning. I have attended many further courses, seminars and workshops in order to continue my professional development and to further fuel my passion for helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals.

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Featured Clients

I apply my strong passion for all aspects of physical and mental health to improving fitness levels and assisting in getting rid of stubborn body fat. This is achieved by providing my clients with a thorough education in both training and nutrition. See an example of the results that are possible if you commit to working hard and approach your own health and wellbeing journey with the same determination that I will.

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 Don't Just Take Our Word

Client Feedback

What I think sets Alan apart from others is the fact that he is so dedicated to his job. He is constantly educating himself and sharing any newfound knowledge with us, his clients. He answers every little question with complete patience and his vast knowledge is clear to see.

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Alan keeps me motivated by constantly changing my workouts and setting small term goals every few weeks. I now feel in control of my food, I sleep like a baby, can buy clothes in normal shops and get a buzz out of lifting weights! Whatever your fitness goals may be I couldn’t recommend Alan Brennan enough.

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I have been training with Alan for four years and I'm still learning. I've worked towards various personal goals which I would never have had the confidence before to embark on and I have achieved great personal success thanks to the guidance and knowledge of Alan.

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Alan has helped me achieve some of my biggest goals, one of which was a doing a fitness photo shoot last December. He guided, supported and motivated me along the way. It has been an investment in myself and I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

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Alan is a professional, he's always up-skilling and investing his learnings in clients. If you want to make a change and work with a brilliant personal trainer who delivers results every time then Alan is that person and is worth the investment to aid in your fitness journey.

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